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Wine Globalization [MULTI][PC]
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English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 1107192927 | 574 Pages | PDF | 23.90 MB

In this anthology, editors Kym Anderson and Vicente Pinilla have gathered together some of the world's leading wine economists and economic historians to examine the development of national wine industries before and during the two waves of globalization. The empirically-based chapters analyse developments in all key wine-producing and consuming countries using a common methodology to explain long-term trends and cycles in wine production, consumption, and trade. The authors cover topics such as the role of new technologies, policies, institutions, as well as exchange rate movements, international market developments, evolutions in grape varieties, and wine quality changes. The final chapter draws on an economic model of global wine markets, to project those markets to 2025 based on various assumptions about population and income growth, real exchange rates, and other factors. All authors of the book contributed to a unique global database of annual data back to the mid-nineteenth century which has been compiled by the book editors.

'This book revolutionizes our knowledge of how the global wine market has evolved over the past couple of centuries. As forty per cent of all wine is exported today, winegrowers' profits can depend as much on exchange rate fluctuations as on what happens in the vineyards. Anderson and Pinilla have brought together many of the world's leading wine economists to explain who have been the winners and the losers in the global marketplace in what is without doubt the best book on the subject. A must for everyone in the industry who wants to know how we have got here, and the direction it is likely to take in the future.' James P. Simpson, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

'This book is a must read for wine enthusiasts and scholars interested in the history of one of the world's most intriguing commodities. The data-rich histories of viticulture and wine-making for over twenty countries are organized around common themes which allow for inter-country comparisons and which capture the many exogenous shocks, innovations, and competitive forces that repeatedly restructured national and regional industries. The book's 190 figures and tables provide researchers with a valuable reference source.' Alan Olmstead, University of California, Davis

'Wine Globalization is a remarkable achievement. It brings together an extraordinary range of information, together with smart interpretations, related to the two great phases of wine globalization in the major and also many minor wine-producing countries. The authors are to be congratulated for making this wealth of information accessible and for providing such a readable text. This will be the standard book on the subject for many years.' Rod Phillips, Carleton University, Ontario

'A detailed overview of wine production, consumption and trade, based on a database of annual wine markets in 47 countries between 1835 and 2015. It is richly illustrated with charts and tables that trace the divergent fortunes of both traditional wine-pricing countries and newer producers alike. Including detailed national case studies written by an international team of economists and historians, this is the most comprehensive account yet written of the global wine trade over the last 200 years.' Tim Unwin, Royal Holloway, University of London



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